Our Roots Started in Aloe Vera – and That’s Where We’re Firmly Planted Today

We’re all about Aloe Vera. Unlike many other companies selling aloe products, this is all we do. And we’ve been doing it for many years…

You won’t find a company with greater expertise and knowledge about Aloe Vera.

Built on Aloe research, the roots of our company extend back over 30 years ago when Dr. Robert Siegel and his brother, Bert became involved with Aloe Vera immune function research.

As a family, we created AL Low & Associates Inc. in 1998 and developed the 4R Health™ product line to bring our Aloe Vera wisdom and expertise to the world.

Our company’s mission is to…

  • Promote optimal health by balancing ancient wisdom with sound scientific research.

  • Provide nutritionally complete products that benefit all systems of the body.

  • Educate and empower those whose paths intersect with our own about the extraordinary benefits of Aloe Vera.

Our guiding philosophy remains "keep things simple". Over the years, we’ve provided our customers products of the highest caliber containing a full spectrum of health benefits. We insist on using only safe, natural ingredients, with an emphasis on nutritionally dense whole foods for optimal nutrition.

AL Low and Associates: Meet Our Aloe Family

Through a series of unexpected events, four individuals came together, bringing forward a wide range of resources, talents and expertise to form AL Low and Associates .

Dr. Robert Siegel MD, F.A.A.P.

Dr. Siegel became involved in Aloe Vera scientific research over 30 years ago alongside other eminent scientists, specializing in immune function. Dr. Siegel has been featured in alternative health books, on television; and has presented papers at many medical conferences. He also served as consultant to the International Aloe Vera Science Council.

Dr. Siegel is now retired after 54 years in medicine, 37 of those years as a practicing pediatrician in Dallas, Texas. He co-founded the Environmental Health Center of Dallas and was an Instructor at Southwestern Medical School. Over the years, Dr. Siegel also served as Chief of Staff at several Dallas hospitals.

Bert Siegel

Dr. Siegel’s brother, Bert Siegel, worked with Aloe Vera for decades as well. Initially, Bert joined Dr. Siegel in his Aloe Vera research through a pharmaceutical endeavor to explore the immune function aspects of the plant. Together they began what would soon become the family-centered collaboration.

A visionary entrepreneur, Bert was at one time the largest stockholder of Carrington Labs, a scientific research laboratory exploring the potential healing effects of Aloe Vera. In 1984, Bert Siegel purchased and relocated Carrington's Aloe Vera fields from Texas to Costa Rica.

Scott Siegel

Growing up amidst Aloe Vera discovery and excitement within his own family, Scott naturally developed a passion for research—particularly research pertaining to Aloe Vera. And that passion remains alive today…

In very little time, Scott, along with his wife, Linda, found themselves blessed with the good fortune of working with his father. Dr. Siegel, in turn introduced them to other mentors – including numerous industry experts, healthcare professionals, and other compassionate souls.

A marketing expert, today Scott pays a tremendous role in educating consumers and getting the word out about Aloe Vera. Scott continues to carry forth his father’s and uncle’s original mission to educate and bring quality and highly beneficial Aloe Vera products to the world.

Linda Siegel

An alternative health practitioner, Linda’s professional background includes integrating multiple health modalities which include the mind, body and heart. Her body work practice, which includes aroma therapy and craniofacial work, seeks to design and provide treatment plans for corporations and individuals.

Presently Linda is a nutritional therapist that loves to practice the Hippocratic Oath, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Permaculture is one of her life long loves that aims to raise the health, vitality, and well being of all who surrounds her.

Truly living a healthy “grass roots” lifestyle herself, when not consulting, Linda can be found in her garden planting food and medicinal herbs, attending to her bee hives, and hauling garden manure.

Linda is married to Scott Siegel, a mother of 4, and a grandmother of 3 beautiful boys.

Fast Forward 30 Plus Years…

Today both Bert and Dr. Siegel are octogenarians. They credit their longevity and vitality to the Aloe supplements they were so richly blessed with for many years.

As for our website, you won’t find countless numbers of products. That’s not our objective. Rather, through carefully conducted and thorough research, we offer a small select line of optimally beneficial products at the most cost-effective prices.

Further, we ARE the manufacturer, so when you order through us, you’re buying ‘factory direct’ without the added price levels of a middle man or network marketing distributor.

Find out more about our flagship product, Aloe Immune