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Flora Immune 500 mg 180 Capsules
Flora Immune Probiotic 120 Capsules

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Flora Immunefor Health and Longevity*

Picture a springtime-fresh green lawn as the summer sun takes its toll… That luscious green can fade into brown after long hours of harsh, hot sun.

To survive nature’s toil, your lawn requires careful watering, perhaps a little fertilizer, cleaning up and reseeding to ensure it returns to its healthy green condition.

Your gut isn’t any different. Equally ravaged by stress, poor diet, occasional antibiotics, and other factors, it also needs extra care to survive and perform at its optimal best.

To truly thrive, your gastrointestinal tract requires help to clean, “reseed”, and nourish itself.

When you have a healthy balance of microbes in your gut, you feel energetic and enjoy an overall sense of well being.*

Upset the balance of your gastrointestinal tract and you can experience a number of symptoms… When your bowel becomes loaded with undigested matter and gases, it can become a toxic breeding ground.

Toxic substances can potentially pierce holes in your intestinal membrane and escape into your blood stream, leading to what’s known as ‘auto intoxication’.

How Bacteria Can Potentially HELP You Live a Long, Healthy Life*

Most people don’t expect bacteria to help them feel healthier, much less live a long, healthy life. But throughout history, cultures have known about and taken advantage of bacteria to support their health and well-being.

Take fermented foods for example. Sauerkraut and kefir have long been treasured for their ability to help “reseed” and nourish the good bacteria naturally found in the gut.

In 1905, Russian biologist and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Élie Metchnikoff recognized the importance of regular use of Lactobacilli for longevity and disease-free health.* He was the first doctor to understand and explain what happens when good or friendly bacteria dies off in the intestines.

However, with the advance of the so-called “Golden Age of Medicine”, complete with rampant surgery, drug and antibiotic use, Dr. Metchnikoff’s Theory of Longevity became all but a faint memory.

You live in a much different world than that of your grandparents. The insults your gut must overcome are far greater.

We live at a faster pace, we’re encouraged to take antibiotics and sulfa drugs for every infection, consume a less-than-optimal diet (often loaded with hidden antibiotics!), and experience sources of stress our grandparents never dreamed possible!

For optimal health, replenishing the good bacteria in your gut is no longer optional.* To help keep friendly bacteria thriving – and to promote health – supplementation has become a necessity.*

Why Popular Lactobacillus May NOT Be The Answer

So how can you help regain a healthy balance of microbes in your gut, even if you’ve recently used antibiotics, deal with a stressful lifestyle or consume a less-than-perfect diet?

Lactobacilli – or lactic acid bacteria – are especially valuable microbes that normally live in your intestines and your mouth. However, with over 200 different strains of Lactobacillus in existence, each strain works differently to reseed and nourish your gut.

Many people turn to Lactobacillus acidophilus, if for no other reason than it’s been the standard for years and it’s the strain found in popular cultured dairy products.

But recent research shows it may not be the best form after all. Very few cells of Lactobacillus acidophilus survive normal stomach juices to ever make it to the intestines to produce enough lactic acid.

Another alternative, acidophilus bifidus isn’t much better… It produces a form of lactic acid that may be incompletely metabolized when used in excess. It can lead to metabolic acidosis and even be toxic to your brain.

“Reseeding” and Nourishing Your Gut As Easy As 1 - 2…

Lactobacillus sporogenes, first isolated in 1949, is a harmless bacteria that normally lives in your intestine. Research shows it supports your health in multiple ways:*

Helps clean friendly bacteria and destroy bad bacteria*

Produces an abundant supply of lactic acid to support digestion*

Assists nutrient absorption into your body*

Produces oxygen in your small intestine*

Produces vitamin K and B complex vitamins*

Helps protect friendly bacteria, even in the presence of antibiotics*

Unlike the type of potentially harmful lactic acid produced by Acidophilus bifidus, the type produced by Lactobacillus sporogenes metabolizes completely to glycogen so your body can use it for energy.*

Plus, this type of beneficial lactic acid – L (+) lactic acid – allows the good bacteria in your gut to flourish and helps prevent the overgrowth of pathogens.*

Unlike its close cousin Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus sporogenes forms very stable spores to survive hostile gastric juices and the pH changes that take place in the intestines.

The spores of Lactobacillus sporogenes travel readily throughout your gut. In your stomach, the spore coat absorbs moisture and begins to swell. Once each spore reaches your small intestines, the inner lactobacillus bacterium releases itself from the spore, ready to germinate and multiply. Each bacterium doubles every 30 minutes!

Unlike other types of Lactobacillus, sporogenes requires NO refrigeration and is unaffected by light and oxygen!

Flora Immune™+ Aloe Immune = A Super Immune System


Flora Immune™ is our patented probiotic formula featuring as its primary ingredient Lactobacillus sporogenes. Plus we’ve added Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) to provide “food” for the care and tending of your gut’s good bacteria.*

Always seeking ways to push immune support to its optimal limits, we discovered an interesting phenomenon when we combined Flora Immune with our flagship product Aloe Immune.

When you combine Flora Immune with Aloe Immune, you ignite a very effective surveillance team for your immune system.* Lactobacillus sporogenes maintains “housekeeping” and fuels your friendly bacteria while the aloe polymannans signal for defense and help repair damaged tissue.*

This perfect duo offers an unsurpassed opportunity for optimal immune function as well as cellular and gut nutrition!* Order yours now!

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Flora Immune August 4, 2017
Reviewer: Thelma McCarty from Amarillo, TX United States  
Great product. We all need good probiotics. I feel like this is a very pure product so glad I found it.

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All products May 23, 2016
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These products cannot be defined with words. They have amazing properties and result in health and healing. All, are in my daily routine and well worth it!!

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