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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has become big business

As more and more people learn about this amazing medicinal plant, its many wonders become better known. However, there is a downside…Just as with any emerging health discovery, you find imitators and less-than-scrupulous distributors who cut corners to maximize profits.

Here at 4R Health Products, we’re different. Rather than jumping in to capitalize on Aloe’s profits, we’ve been in the field from the start and have helped build the industry from the ground up. We’re a family business and we’re dedicated to spreading the word about Aloe.

We Helped Create the Research About Aloe Vera

Dr. Robert Siegel, MD, 4R’s original founder, was involved in some of the earliest research on the active component in aloe vera, Acemannan. Through his research on aloe, Dr. Siegel came to believe that people can achieve and maintain what he’s named the 4R's towards optimal health with the help of our products


Help identify potential issues in your body


Help promote the appropriate immune response


Help clear away damaged tissue in your body


Help optimize cell-to-cell communication, production and growth

Our Roots Started in Aloe Vera

Our Roots Started in Aloe Vera

Built on Aloe research, the roots of our company extend back over 30 years ago when Dr. Robert Siegel and his brother, Bert became involved with Aloe vera immune function research.

As a family, we created AL Low & Associates Inc. in 1998 and developed the 4R Health product line to bring our Aloe vera wisdom and expertise to the world. Over the years, we’ve provided our customers products of the highest caliber containing a full spectrum of health benefits. We insist on using only safe, natural ingredients, with an emphasis on nutritionally dense whole foods for optimal nutrition.