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Inside Aloe: Effects of Aloe Vera on the Body

by Dr. R. Siegel M.D.

Editor's Note: Dr. Robert Siegel MD, has been very gracious to the Council in supplying much information, most of it in the polysaccharide area. He delivered two papers at our last seminar. He also consults for aloe companies. If you wish to get in touch with him, please contact the IASC office. Thank you for your expertise, Dr. Siegel!

Health problems today are becoming chronic, complex and resistant. Our immune systems are burdened with toxins, stress, aging, sedentary lifestyles, financial worries and more. No penicillin quick cure drug can be found in today's pharmacies. Medical practices focus on symptom therapy rather than real cures, leading frustrated Texans to seek answers from alternative medicine. Our health care system is undoubtedly broken. And yet, answers for our health problems are growing – literally right under our feet. Humans have used aloe vera as natural medicine through the ages and across the globe. Research on the plant has shown amazing potential for positive the effects of aloe vera on the human body. Modern laboratory technology finds hundreds of nutrients in aloe vera and a remarkably high level of mannan saccharides. Functional mannans are traced through our immune domains of recognition, of binding and of activation, as well as through our body's innate strategies of inflammation, pluripotential macrophages and acute phase reactants, and detoxification mechanisms. Our genetic scripts map for total (MMM) absorption and renal conservation, specific enzymes for transport and chaperone functions, and sophisticated biosynthesis [glyco conjugations within cell organelles], building "smart" glycoprotein (GP) signal structures.

Now, aloe vera research is discovering the molecular language of the first wave immune defenses – especially the Lectins carbohydrate super family – with intense research exploring the serum Mannan Binding Protein. And, remarkably, we are discovering a core code of the amino acid sequence required by mannose sensitive proteins.

In short, the window of opportunity opens as the benefits of aloe vera are proven by science. We’ve translated the many positive aloe vera uses into safe, easy-to-use, nutrient-rich products.

Reference: Science papers by Dr. Siegel presented to the Annual International Environmental Conference, 1998. Suggested focus papers from research groups including Drs. LR Tizard, I. Danhof, R. McDaniel, S. Gordon, A. Ezekowitz

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