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Combine Nopalacrin with Aloe Immune
by Scott Siegel

Like Aloe Immune, Nopalacrin is a nutrient-dense, concentrated whole food. The way to introduce these foods to the body is one at a time, in small amounts and spread out during the day. This allows you a listening process: how is your body receiving these functional foods? You may want to keep a journal, noting how you feel and recording the dialogue between your mind and body as you introduce these supplements. Each person will respond differently. You may find that your energy levels begin to increase significantly, or you may notice signs of detoxification. (Signs of detoxification are listed on Taking Aloe Immune

Remember: Your body has no timelines and is equipped to be patient as the process unfolds.

Aloe Immune is a foundational product that may be consumed with any herbs, pharmaceuticals or foods.We suggest taking Aloe Immune about one to two weeks prior to starting Nopalacrin.

After the first week or two on Aloe Immune, add one Nopalacrin 30 minutes before each meal.Your evening meal would be the best starting point. Nopalacrin should be increased one at a time (providing there are no signs of detoxification) about every 3-4 days ?until you reach the recommended amount on the bottle. It is possible to increase to 2 or more Nopalacrin before each meal. This will depend on the type of diet you are following and the quality of your digestion.

Important: Any high fiber product or food requires increasing your water intake. When consuming Nopalacrin, it is very important to drink at least 8 oz of water per serving. Without this extra water, you may experience: gas, bloating, and/or constipation.

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